Hello, hoop. We shall play with reverse currents more often soon. This is a collapsible travel hoop by Hoopaholic Cebu. #hoopdance #flowarts #madewithstudio @fire_berns

Repost from @robinsonsmallsofficial - Light and fire dance by The Fireflies at Soundbites Music Festival! :) #SoundbitesAtRobinsons #RobinsonsMusicFestival #robinsonsmagnolia #firespinners

Repost from @carlytation. The Fireflies at Robinsons Magnolia’s Soundbites opening. 😊 @robinsonsmallsofficial Glad for the opportunity to spin fire for their summer event last night. Amusing thing is it’s our second time to be one of the acts before Side A’s performance :) #firespinners

My sister met up with @liyanaprieto earlier to pick up some hoop stuff but there was a surprise candy package! Will definitely need this in the coming days. Sugar as instant power up ;) thank you so much, liyan! ❤️❤️❤️


Adorable knit pillows on Etsy

I want to make one someday!

(via holycrapyarnandstuff)

I think that I haven’t hooped as much as I used to. I just had to hoop a bit even though I came home from capoeira training. There’s nothing like a Ken Hirai song to get me moving :) tonight wasn’t a technical night nor a drills night. It was my time to jam ;) after all May 15 is my hoop overspray #hooplife #hooplove #hoopgirls

#capoeira is a game, an art and life. If you’re interested in joining for classes in Makati, we train in The Playground by PHS on Mondays and Wednesdays at 730pm. Class rate is 2,800 per month. Hope to see you there! #kadaracapoeira

After #capoeira training I got super hungry and we had chicken at Savory. But I wanted dessert and we ended up in Banawe to try Kabigting’s! Super happy about eating bits of pastillas.


 Logo style swap highlights the importance of appropriate visuals.


In an ongoing series entitled Sky Art, artist Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art, takes fisheye photos of buildings and then fills in the sky with illustrations.