I never was good with poi but for some reason, becoming more serious with #twinhoops made me pick up my #poi again. This is an attempt at learning the upward 4 beat fire fairy #practice

Learning the isotwist that Caitlin Hofer posted on her Facebook page. I find it easier to work with different hoops because I get confused when I’m about to do the twist using same sized, same color hoops for some reason. Need to smoothen this one out. #hooplife #hoopgeek #twinhoops

Will sleep soon. Just posting this for a quick feedback on learning the 4 beat fire fairy using #poi @ehrlichmarz @okhosiking @pservado3 @portraitofagirl @ricarantsandraves

I never learned this #poi move called the fire fairy until today. Or at least I think I already got it after all this time. I do hope it’s correct because it’s a pain to unlearn :)) @okhosiking @pservado3 @ricarantsandraves @portraitofagirl @ehrlichmarz

Because #spaceteam xD @drealkulit @bagyongpatring @pftongco wahahahaha. You are so cute guys! ❤️

Cute little hedgehog 💖 must visit you and @mashedmallow again one of these days.

I haven’t used a brush in ages and this is an ugly hello :( oh well. This means I must practice again! #calligraphy

Some kind of progress with the 2 beat reverse weave using hoops. I’m really challenged when it comes to twin hooping especially poi style. Thankfully I suddenly remembered one exercise that Victor showed me last year so I used that so I could get used to the motion of the two hoops chasing each other upward.

Am I now forced to go with using @smartcares power app?! I’m a postpaid subscriber and I haven’t been able to use mobile internet on my phone for a month now and I don’t understand why I can’t :( cant I just browse normally anymore regardless of how I get charged? Really? Is there a way around it?! I’m ok with getting charged the old rate of 10 or 15 pesos per 30 minutes so what’s up with this? :(

Finally got around to making a new contact staff. It’s a bit shorter than the usual but still makes me happy that I have something to practice with #100happydays #diy