My Linux Rig: Change Isn't Always Bad for Linux


Every OS has its own accompanying culture. Even if we don’t buy into it, I think everyone can conjure a mental image of the so-called Mac fanboys, the so-called Linux geeks, and the rest of the world, ie, Windows users. And if you can’t construct a mental picture, this chart does a fair enough…

Click the link to read the rest of the post. In any case, it’s an interesting read. Change isn’t always bad, but as with most drastic changes, there will be those who resist. It cannot be helped because we like being in the comfort zone. In general, that is. I am currently using CrunchBang Linux instead of Ubuntu because I just wanted to get a feel of what it’s like. But I’ve tried Unity on my netbook before. It was still unpolished, the last time I used it and it felt too slow on my netbook. I wasn’t totally against it but I just love the comfort of using OpenBox. And I like the fact that I could just install the OpenBox package for my sanity’s sake. I don’t know why people should make a big deal out of Unity’s ‘negative’ aspects. I would like to but not now. I still think I should read up and prepare myself for what’s there. Or I might actually enjoy the experience, somehow.

The blog post has comments that mention fanboy behavior in Mac users. Lol. I have friends who are Mac users and to a certain degree, the comments are right. They do trust Apple to make these changes for the best and would gladly give the changes a try. I wonder if the Linux community is too open in such a way that a lot of people think that there are many ways to implement user interface/interaction changes and that they are more open about these criticisms, more often than not.

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