Jun’s face, so cute. Hahaha <3 DJ MJ at Arafes <3

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I think I shall forever love these dorks hahaha XD


These dorks~!!

first thing i saw on my tumblr dashboard this morning <3

where is this sequence from?!

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Everyone wearing glasses! ♥ I am going to faint now. ♥

Matsujun is especially adorable. Well, he will always be because I am biased that way.

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Weekly Television: 2011.05.11

i want to learn how to knit motifs and intatsia knitting because of this photo

Arashi donates 300 million yen to disaster relief


That’s exactly why I love them 

I don’t have to regret spending all that money when I went to see the waku waku gakkou because I know now that it will be very useful for Tohoku people!

these guys are so awesome~! ♥

Squee~! Flail~! Dagnabit. With these images, Matsujun is definitely my #1 and Sakuraiba is #2.

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