Photography by Tricia Gosingtian

Make-up by Kaycee Lim

Hair : Ash Kagami

Model : Tori Rosso

Clothes by me, available at

View the rest of the photos HERE

I don’t consider myself a brilliant person, but I am a lucky soul because I meet brilliant people in my life. 

One of them is my sister-in-law. 

Kidding. Not soon. Not until my partner and I have a steady looking future.

Though we are of the same age there are a lot of things Tricia has taught me. I’m a self learned person who does not have any idea how this industry goes. It’s not by apprenticeship that I learned from her, but it’s more of by doing things with her and observing that I picked up a few things I would not have realized by myself.

I’m starting all over again and this time I think I finally am at the right direction.  I plan to continue upwards, forward. And make more clothes that would make beautiful photographs and clothes that would be worn by worthy women. 

For myself and for those who believed in me. I will reach for my dreams :)

Having seen and actually purchased one of the designs from Cat’s latest collection, I can say that I really love the clothes that she makes.  They are not the usual clothes I see in malls and lately, I see her incorporating multiple designs in one garment - meaning you could transform it so you could wear it in more than 1 way.  I like such clothes because I don’t get a chance to go to the mall and try on a lot of clothes.  Versatile pieces are always welcome in my wardrobe! ;)

Anyway, these photos show us how her pieces can be worn together and I really think they are lovely combined and they still look good even when you wear them with other kinds of pants or skirts or tops. I hope you could take the time and look at her shop so you could see the clothes individually as well.

I am so proud of her work as a friend and as a fan :)  I will probably never tire of sharing such wonderful work with you because I have faith in her as a designer and as a person.  


New items at the Little Shop! Click, click! :D

If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, don’t forget to check out A Little Decadence’s shop :) She’s a really great designer. Having bought stuff from her every once in a while (hats, earrings, cuffs), I vouch for how great they are. Check it out!

A little decadence: Fashion show!

Let’s go! I’ve always loved Cat’s designs so this is a great opportunity to see her works. :) Sept 18, 1pm at the SM MoA Atrium. ♥ And Chai Mungcal will also have her photos in the exhibit. Lovely treats for this weekend! ♥


Hi guys! I’m busy idek anymore but still alive!

As I’ve said on previous posts I was asked to provide clothes for a fashion show being held by the Ayala Museum as part of a series of events they’re holding to promote their world touring exhibit called Manga Realities a month ago.

There’ll be…



It was a bit difficult for me figuring out how to make this customizable dress.

I want to use jersey, to give it the comfort of a tshirt, but how do you achieve structure when using such a soft material?

Well, took me a while to figure it out. 

Are your wallets ready? 

My wallet isn’t ready yet as I have something coming up in the next two months. Also: I still don’t know if it will come in my size. XDDD


I always wanted a plain white shirt with an oversized collar for some reason.

So I had some made. I designed a few ones and had them made for myself. 



“I always wanted to have a maxi dress. They elongate you, hides flaws from your underbust and below. And I also like the sheer trend. I had enough time one day to make myself a sheer dress, a simple one that could look elegant too. So I made this dress for myself. It is made from ruched cranberry powerknit with charmeuse lining inside (for that soft, like-a-lingerie feel). I also used brown leather on the bust line. Since this is a strapless dress, I was hoping the leather will help make the dress stick in place.”

More photos on flickr:

She’s so awesome! I swear she’s getting better and better as time goes by ♥

A Little Decadence: Survey


I’ve read everyone’s tutorial request (and other messages you sent through my ask box. Thank you!). Majority of you, readers requests instructions on how to make a simple dress. I’m thinking of doing a catutorial on a simple dress, for every body type in a style suited for summer.

Now there’s a…

So if you’ve been following A Little Decadence and are curious about what tutorials she has in store for us, head over there because she’s got the answer for us and a survey too.